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Padel 4Life Zarnesti

Padel is a dynamic and fun sport, a combination of tennis and squash, but by its nature it is also a social sport, Padel can be officially played only twice, including in mixed teams.
The playing field is made according to international standards, being produced and assembled by a team of specialists from a factory in Spain, the country where there are approximately 10,000 Padel fields. Equipped with a nightclub, changing rooms, a bathroom and a reception where you can serve a refreshing drink with your game partners, the Padel 4 Life field invites you to discover a new way of spending your free time.
#PADEL, a sport that will conquer you from the first point played.
Land rental rates:
Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 40 lei / hour 50 lei / hour
17:00 - 21:00 50 lei / hour 60 lei / hour
Saturday - Sunday 09:00 - 21:00 50 lei / hour 60 lei / hour
* For each reservation, the Padel 4 Life field provides players with 4 game palettes and 3 balls.
Contact: 0766224746, Tohanu Vechi, Strada Mare, Nr. 158, Zărnești, Brașov
Don't forget to make a reservation in advance, at:


the steeps of Zarnestilor is an impressive 6 km long gorge located in the north-eastern Piatra Craiului Massif. The access is from the towns Zarnesti and Piatra. Near the gorge there is the cabin Curmatura, an important starting point shift in Stone Park. In addition, the walls bordering the valley have a height ranging between 100 m and 200 m. The trail through the wilderness displays an impressive landscape and spectacular rock walls where climbers have opened many alpine trails. Those who come here will be impressed by the sights of the gorge caves (the Big Cave from the Precipice, the Small cave from the Precipice) and several springs, among which there are the Botorog Fountain and Gentlemen Fountains.

The gorges are impressive limestone walls bordered by predominantly vertical climbing faces.

The equipment routes vary, mainly due to spread sectors and the successive stages of planning or redevelopment. The classic routes are on pitons and the climbing ones are on needle files (new or old). The charts are also very heterogeneous: pitons and expansion bolts, some consolidated, some not.
The gorges provide shaded areas throughout the day.

During rainy days, you can practice climbing in the Refuge sector, which is sheltered by a huge overhanging wall. After long periods of rain, we recommend you to wait until the infiltrations retire on certain routes (particularly in the Arch sector).

You can practice climbing here from early spring to late autumn and you can find sunny or in the shady routes. We do not recommend climbing in winter due to seepage.


Address: Brazilor Street, on the road to Poiana Marului, Zarnesti, Brasov

Contact: 0786226500

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The Adventure Park has installations and workshops for hanging on trees and fun educational activities, aiming to develop team spirit, courage and skills by foing the high trails. The park features four tracks with progressive difficulty and 6 zipplines.


The Breghina motocross circuit of Zarnesti area was built in 1954 and in 1996 here was the first stage of the European motocross championship in Romania.
The Breghina Motocross circuit of Zarnesti area is considered the average circuit with the lowest lap speed in Romania due to its architecture and its technical elements with a record of 38 km / h.
You can reach DN73 road circuit in two variants causeway.


A sport that has started to develop is riding, there are several centers where you can rent horses and equipment.
For tourists interested in riding, horseback rides are offered around.
Price: 50 RON / h
Contact: Marius
Tel: +40 246 840 725.4
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Horse riding

Adress: no.13, Pinului Street, Zarnesti, Brasov

Contact: +40745493757


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Popasul Craiului

Address: Plaiul Foii- Zarnesti, Brasov

Tel: +40751111149

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Address: no.15, 13 Decembrie Street, Zarnesti, Brasov

Contact: +40733008322
Opening hours: Monday: 12.00- 22.00, Tuesday- Sunday: 10.00-22.00

Opened for the public in December 2015, includes an indoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi and massage room at the first floor of the center, a fitness room and a playground for the children at the second floor of the building.


Mountain biking trails exists on the paths through forests and gorges. The differences in level are from 500 m to 1300 m.

For bike rentals and guided tours visit:; Tel: +40742529568